Menstruation Cups

A simple, comfortable, hygienic and ecological solution for collecting menstrual fluid

After discovering the menstrual cups, we wondered if they could also be useful for Zanskari women. Tampons are not available in Zanskar. One can find pads but these are not affordable for the vast majority of women and ever if they were, due to the lack of an efficient recycling system, sanitary napkins would end up in the wild. Thus, in the end, women created their own solutions with wool and tissue that often leak. As in many other cultures, women are seen as ritually unclean during menstruation period and as example, are not allowed to enter a temple.

Bea Losli of the company Ladyplanet sponsored the first pilot project “ladycups” of different sizes. 

An information booklet was prepared about the use of “ladycups” and with the help of the nurses and midwifes of Tungri and Padum, distributed to the women of the village. The cups were appreciated by the local women and by the time also produced in good and safe quality in India. We sell them now for an affordable prize in our dispensary.