Lady Cups

Lady Cups

Lady cups for Zanksar

By chance we got to know about the menstruation cups and their success all over the world. It seemed to be a simple, comfortable, hygienic and ecological solution for collecting menstrual fluid.

We wonder if these menstruation cups could also be useful for Zanskari women. Tampons are simply not available in Zanskar. One can find pads but these are not affordable for the vast majority of women. There is no waste system too, so that if even pads were affordable, they would once used end up in the nature.

So finally the women manufacture some own solutions with wool and tissue that often leak. As in many other cultures, women are seen as ritually unclean during menstruation period and as example, are not allowed to enter a temple.

Bea Losli from Ladyplanet sponsored us “ladycups” of different sizes. By ordering a “ladycup” on her online-shop, one can add Zanskar in the final comment field and part of the money will go to sponsor new cups for Zanskar. You will make to women happy! You or your friend and one woman in Zanskar!

We did an information booklet about the use of “ladycups” and wanted to introduce them to the nurses and midwifes with help of the local gynaecologist at the occasion of Zanskar health conference. Unfortunately, the gynaecologist left Zanskar shortly before the conference so that we report the session to autumn 2015.


If you want to try the “ladycup” for yourself:


Mention "Zanskar" in the comment field while ordering and part of the money will go for new cups for Zanskar!

A project using  successfully menstruation cups:

Artistic way to promote a menstruation cup: