Amchi Internship

Amchi Internship

Amchi internship

During our field study in 2012 we went to the remote village Shadey. There we met an elderly man called Tsering Tundup. He is the amchi of Shadey village situated at about 4500m. There is no road access and one has to walk at least 3 days from the capital of Zanskar (Padum).

Tsering Tundup is the only healthcare deliverer of his village. In winter he faces considerable problems in treating his villagers because of shortage of medicine and lacking knowledge for some diseases. There was no village satellite telephone at that moment (1). It means that a villager has to walk down to the next village (1 long day of walking in local speed) to call for help. 

Tsering Tundup is intelligent and motivated and asked many times if we can help him to  deepen his knowledge in Tibetan medicine by doing a 3 months internship in Dharamsala, where the centre of Tibetan medicine studies is.

With the help of a crowd funding on the 100-days platform we could realize Tsering Tundups internship!

Tsering Tundup has been  from november 2014 to June 2015 in Dharamsala for his internship and he had also the opportunity to see HH the Dalai Lama!


(1) After discussion with the BMO of Zanskar he organized a satellite phone for Shadey village.